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Nico Brennan

Nico Brennan is a dynamically-gifted singer/songwriter who has been a part of Calgary's professional music scene for longer than she'd like to admit :) These days, in addition to working on her work as a solo-artist, she's also partnered-up with renowned singer-songwriter Jenny Allen to form HoneyGrift: "a sultry duo of sweet harmonies and sassy banter". In addition to playing live music, Nico is also writing songs to create awareness and funding for the Canadian Cancer Society. 

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Former lead-singer for Calgary's "Dino Martinis" Nico released 3 critically acclaimed albums as well as 2 award-winning videos. In 2019 she released as 7-Song Solo-EP called "The Dream Factory" as well as was featured on Stampede City Sessions to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Dino Martinis. 

Nico's song-writing style infuses a blend of folk, pop and rock with island sensibilities and uplifting lyrics. She is an engaging performer with a good sense of humor who delights audiences of all ages and musical tastes. 

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