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Sunny School Open Mic 

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June Theme "Graduation" 

If you feel inspired please learn or write a song based on our theme.

Following the open mic we invite everyone to participate in a jam-singalong. You can click the links to find the chords and lyrics for the jam songs below (they're all in the original key). 

Join our email list to contribute ideas and get a head start on the monthly theme: 

All Star by SmashMouth



February 5th @ 2pm
3300 14th Ave SE

Sunny School Open Mic is open to all ages & performance styles. You're welcome as a musician, songwriter, dancer, poet or someone who just loves live performance. In keeping with the concept of "school", there is a monthly theme to encourage participants to either learn or write a song that they feel goes-with the theme of the month... no pressure of course, play whatever you like.

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